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Our Story

This two and one-half story Queen Ann Mansion was built in the 1890s by Leander Rayney, a prominent local businessman and owner of the first bank in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  Mr. Rayney was also the owner of five local grist mills, director of the Steubenville Iron Company and the list goes on and on.

In 1907 the Rayney family moved to Cleveland and the mansion was purchased by David Jameson, a well-known industrialist and namesake of the local Jameson Hospital to which he was a financier.  The Jameson family lived in the mansion until 1941.

For the next forty years the mansion changed hands and functions: from nursing apartments for Jameson Hospital, to commercial businesses and even a sorority house.

In 1980  the mansion changed hands one more time, becoming a personal care home. On June 3, 1998, tragedy struck this storied mansion.  A large fire damaged the roof and most of the third floor.  At this time the mansion was purchased yet again but remaining vacant with most of the original details being lost to time.

We purchased the mansion with the hope and goal to return this 12,000 square foot piece of history back to its former beauty and rightful place as one of New Castle's most elegant and important buildings.  Much has been done but even more lies ahead.  We are taking baby steps in order to do it right.

Our first restored room is a dining room.